Jayapataka Swami: We always pray to Krsna, “if it pleases You”, because if Krsna has a different plan for the devotee, we don’t want to impose our idea. But if it pleases the Lord, we pray what we would like, like, if we want the spiritual master to regain his health, or we want some devotee to regain his or her health, then we pray, ‘oh Krsna if it so pleases You, give this devotee good health.’ But if the devotee leaves the body we also pray that ‘Krsna, please take this devotee back to You in the spiritual world, if it so pleases You. Or otherwise, let the devotee take birth in the family of devotees, so that devotee can take up from where he left off.’ So we know that everybody has to leave the world at some time and I was told by one disciple that he talked to his friend that he would like to go to Mayapur and go on some safari to Nepal or something. That night he laid down and in his sleep, his heart failed and he left his body. So I also prayed for that devotee. Otherwise he was healthy. So we never know how long we live. Today may be the last day or we may live for twenty years, thirty years, fifty years, we never know. So we have to be ready to go any time! And we try to help any devotee living with our prayers.