Jayapataka Swami: How to expect the devotees to know what you pray? I am wondering because you are saying what can we pray to inspire other devotees? But how other devotees know what you are praying? Any way, if you pray to uplift all the fallen souls, if you pray to particularly benefit some devotee, if you pray that you be forgiven for your offences, you pray that you don’t fall down, these kinds of prayers are authorized. I would imagine that the devotees would see your nice qualities as a vaisnava and get inspired, but even if they don’t notice, we try to please guru and Krsna. There was one secretary of Ramanujacarya and he would always do strange things like after he made the bed of his guru, he lied down on it. And the sastra says we should never lie on the bed of our guru. So the vaisnavas asked him ‘why you are lying on the bed of the guru? You don’t know that you may have to go to hell?’ He said, ‘I am just lying for a few seconds to see that the bed is proper for the guru. If I have to go to hell for that, it is alright. I wanted to see that the bed is right for the guru.’ So like this, he did different things, but his goal was always to please the guru. So therefore, it was considered that he was a very special devotee. He was taking great risks but for the pleasure of guru.