Jayapataka Swami: There are three special months in a year – the month of Damodar, the month of Baisak and the month of Magha. I studied Damodar to some extent and Baisak to some extent. I have to admit, I have put on my wish list, to study all the glories of Magha masa but I haven’t studied yet. So I don’t know particularly, what benefits there are. Usually in the other two months you get a hundred times the benefit. But some particular sevas are more important than the others. So Magha month, was one of those months that has a special facility for devotional service but I don’t know exactly what all the facilities are. I will look it up and tell you. But I know that it is a sacred month. Lord Nityananda appeared in Magha month and today is Maghiya Purnima.