Jayapataka Swami: The neem tree is supposed to keep away all evil and bad influences, keep away all the subtle entities. So Nimai means born under a neem tree, neem is very auspicious tree. His other name was Viswambar, that means one who hold the whole universe, takes the load of the universe. So Nilambara Cakravarty, His grandfather and great astrologer, he calculated that He should be called Viswambar. But the men they agreed to Viswambar, but the ladies thought that He was born under a neem tree, so He should be called Nimai! So then , to make a mediation between the ladies and the men, he said His official name would be Viswambar, but His dak nam, that is common name, nickname would be Nimai. So everybody knew Him as Nimai Pandit, but wedding and other things He was Viswambar. So of course then after He was initiated and He was known as Gaurahari or Gauranga. And after sannyasa He was known as Krsna Caitanya or Sacinandana, Sacidulala, Sacinimai, Sacitanai.