Jayapataka Swami: You see, once in the early 70s I was making life members in Calcutta. I went into one business man’s office. And he started blaspheming. He said, you people are all bogus. You don’t do anything good for the people. He said so many things. I listened to that and when he finished, I said, you are wrong sir. We do all the services and we showed our book, how we distribute prasadam, how we have different festivals. And he was surprised! He said, I thought that I would blow you out! I blew you away! I was just testing you! How much have I to pay? Ha! Ha! Ha! So sometimes, we let people blow out their steam, and then we tell them that no, we are actually doing many good services for people. As a new devotee in Canada, I went into a hostel. One student, he started to blaspheme Krsna and so I just turned around and left that place. So I felt good by leaving the place. So sometimes, we have to leave, depending on the place and it was not proper as I was in a hostel. So I just left that room and went to some other person who was less offensive.