Jayapataka Swami: You see, for a materialist, a vacation means sleep on the beach or something! For us, going to a dham, we want to do as much service as possible. Because by reading, by chanting by serving, everything and anything we do gets multiplied by a thousand times. So we want to get as much credit as possible. If anything you do, you get a thousand times benefit in the dhama, then won’t you want to do more service? We have the Panca Krosha parikrama, the Asta Krosha, so we have different parikramas, different spiritual activities. So we want to do as much as possible, see the deities, offer lamp to the deities, see the different temples. We have the Jagannath Baladeva Subadra temple in Rajapur. We have also the Simantini Gauranga temple in Rajapur, next to the Jagannath temple. So just like Sacramento, Sacrament is the best food. So here just walking is more than an Aswameda yagna. Just lying down is like paying pranam.  Eating prasadam gives thousand times the benefit. Don’t get sick, don’t eat too much!