H.H.Jayapataka Swami: You asked is there any pastime? So many!  Citraketu, he came up and at that time there were many rishis, Parvati was sitting on the lap of Lord Siva. He somehow had the audacity to advise Lord Siva that He shouldn’t sit with Parvati on His lap, in front of the sages, and she became angry with him because… (Audio break)  demon. And he bowed down and said, ‘I did not mean any offence and he turned around and walked out and he fell down and became a demon. Lord Siva, said, ‘just see, you got angry, you cursed him (Audio break) but then Citraketu preached to him, that you should not lose heart. Just keep fighting, you are a ksatriya, you should fight till the end. Like that he started preaching about his dharma and he was amazed how the demon is telling me about dharma! So then he took out his thunderbolt weapon and cut off the arms of Citraketu, and he just followed Indra with his bow. So then he finally killed Citraketu but because Citraketu was always thinking about Krsna, he wanted to leave the world and go back home back to Godhead. So he was hoping that he would be killed. Many things to learn. How the vaisnava is not affected by others’ anger. Even Citraketu, he was not affected by anger and how he kept Krsna conscious in spite of being in a demon body. So that is one of the examples.
Another example may say in the pastime of Lord Caitanya, there are many, Capala Gopal. He was angry at Lord Caitanya’s followers, at Srivas Thakur, for having the kirtan in his garden. So outside his door, on his door, he put all goat blood, put a plate on the doorway with the head of a goat and some intestines around, yuck! Horrible thing. Srivas  opened the door and saw the bloody mess. He called and said, ‘just see, I have been worshiping Kali all night!’ Everybody knew he was a vaisnava, he didn’t do that worship. So they said, ‘oosh! Who did this?’ He said, no offence. Although Capala Gopal was angry with Srivas, he did something, but Srivas, he did not take it seriously. Rather he, called the brahmanas and said, ‘see, see, I have been worshiping Kali all night.’ They knew that he wasn’t worshiping Kali and that someone did this kind of thing.
Similarly, Jagai and Madhai, when Lord Nityananda tried to preach to them, they attacked Lord Nityananda, they ran after Him. So finally Lord Nityananda was hit by one of them on the head, with a wine bottle, He was bleeding. He said, ‘just because you caused me to bleed, does that mean I will not give you love of Godhead?’ So then Madhai realized that (Audio break) literally and he bowed down. So like this Nrsimhadev was very angry when Bhakta Prahlad was tortured by his father, abused by his father and He came out of the column and started a fight with Hiranyakasipu.(Audio break)
04-October-2019 CHENNAI, INDIA