Jayapataka Swami: Being in university why do you give so many exams? That is what university is about. Ha! While we are in Krsna consciousness why are we tested so many times? If you pass the test then there is no problem. If you fail the test then again and again the same test will come until you pass it. Then you don’t care. Right? So we should prepare ourselves for the final test at the time of death, that time we have to remember Krsna. So all these minor tests come up, if you pass it Krsna is very grateful. Oh, this devotee is very sincere. One time Prabhupada got a letter in Calcutta. And it was from some western aspiring disciple. And he had some aristocratic Indian gentleman there. He read the letter out. He said, Srila Prabhupada, we are trying to serve you, me and my wife. But sometimes we have bad association and in their association we sometimes break the principles. He went on to say that how they were compelled and failed in their test. How they wanted to be Srila Prabhupada’s disciples and they wanted to follow strictly. Srila Prabhupada said, ‘see how difficult it is to be Krsna conscious in the west!’ And the businessman said, actually I was born in a vegetarian family, I never tried to do anything any more. I never even gave up tea. I never tried anything, Just, I was born in such a family, I did that. But these devotees they are born in some difficult family, they are trying to be strict. They are really doing a great sacrifice. Just as this aristocratic Indian businessman was appreciative. Of course today’s Indian students are also surrounded by bad habits. Someone told me that in India, 98% of the males watch pornography on video. So apparently recently Modi has blocked all those sites. Ha! Ha!I don’t know but that is what I heard. So that is good, if you block all the sites. It may be difficult for the youth to take up Krsna consciousness with so many distractions. So you have to be very strong and very Krsna conscious to convince the youth to take up Krsna consciousness, bhakti yoga seriously. There are many obstacles, kali yuga. I heard once Srila Prabhupada say that one step to Krsna, Krsna makes ten steps to you. Haribol!