Jayapataka Swami: You see, Lord Caitanya is Krsna Himself. And Lord Nityananda is Balarama, His first expansion. And Advaita is Mahavisnu avatar. He is also the Sadasiva, Siva before He enters the material world. So, all three are the Visnu tattva. In that sense, They are not different. But there is the original Personality of Godhead, there is the first expansion and there is the partial expansion. So Srila Prabhupada said that Balarama and Krsna are not different, just different color. But then it says Sitapati Advaita Gosain tava krpa bale pai Caitanya Nitai! By the mercy of Advaita we get the mercy of Caitanya and Nityananda. Lord Nityananda, He is a confidential servitor, He is a spiritual master. Now if you want to please Lord Nityananda, please your guru!