Jayapataka Swami: Of course the most important thing is to develop affection and love for Lord Jagannath, for Lord Krsna, and we should appreciate the Lord’s mercy, going out and seeing all His devotees and giving His merciful glance. So Lord Caitanya would chant in front of the Ratha Yatra cart and He wanted to see if Lord Jagannath was noticing Him! So sometimes He would fall back and sometimes He would pull forward. When He was out of sight of Lord Jagannath, Lord Jagannath stopped! When He came forward Lord Jagannath moved! So Lord Caitanya wanted to have Lord Jagannath reciprocate with Him. We want to have pure devotion for Lord Jagannath, by taking Lord Jagannath from Nilacala to Vrndavana, to Gundica. So Srila Prabhupada said, we should have Radha Krsna as the destination because Lord Jagannath, He went back to Vrndavana to see the Vrajwasis, to see Radha, to see the gopis, to see Yasoda. So that is a thing that we should desire, is to help Lord Jagannath to reunite with His devotees.