Jayapataka Swami: One of the principles is that everything we do, is favorable to Vasudeva. So if these things you are mentioning are favorable to Lord Krsna, then it is alright. But if it detaches our focus from Krsna to something else, then it is not so good. I don’t know what these different processes entail. But what we do in terms of aratis and different programs is a kind of tantra. Tan means body and tra means to deliver. To use the body in Krsna’s service is tantra. Mantra man means mind and tra means deliver. So if we chant the holy names it delivers our consciousness. But some people use tantra, they worship other deities or demigods, in order to get some magical powers. They use that in a negative way. Those kinds of things are not very useful for devotional service. We should use the vaisnava tantra and not the other tantras.