Jayapataka Swami: Everything happens through sadhu, sastra, and guru. Those gurus who say that the Lord has no form is not correct. Bhagavatam says brahmeti paramtameti Bhagavan it sabdyata. Bhagavan paratma or brahman. Brahman is formless, Paramatma He is localized in the heart and as Bhagavan He performs His wonderful divine pastimes. Sac cit ananda, Eternal, blissful and full of knowledge. These gurus who are misguiding the people about the Lord , we have to be very careful of them. The same way what we eat we take care to know what we eat, similarly, what we hear we should also be careful and judge before we hear. Once I was talking to one of the Sankaracaryas’ and he said that he had a Radha Krsna deity. So I asked ‘you worship Radha Krsna?’ He said, ‘that is my lila, pastime!’ ‘Radha Krsna are very beautiful, but you are becoming old!’ He said, ‘that is my pastime!’ So then this is everyone’s pastimes everyone is growing old! So the Lord’s effulgence is formless but the Lord has a form. We are observing the Ratha Yatra because the Lord made a journey from Dwaraka to Vrndavana. Haribol!