Jayapataka Swami: It is hard to understand, I got some service but out of enjoyment. If we have a service, a responsibility for the pleasure of Krsna, you may enjoy that, but whether you like it or don’t like it, you should still do it. Now if you have responsibility then for the festival days, you can try to make the festivals more elaborate, more nice. Like special decorations of the temple or special feast for all the guests! Mmmmmmm! Make the festival a big festival. Use your additional responsibility to observe the festival in a bigger way! So the word in Sanskrit for festival is Maha utsava. So tama is ignorance and uttama means rise above ignorance. So Maha utsava everybody rises to the higher transcendental level! So you want to make such arrangement that everybody feels that oh, this is a very special day, be it the appearance day of Krsna, appearance day of Radharani, appearance of Nrsimhadeva, appearance of guru. Like this, you try to make a big festival and get everybody inspired. Maha utsava!