Jayapataka Swami: You see, in Vrndavana, you get a 1000 times benefit for any service. But any offence you do, any materialistic or sinful activity, you also get a 1000 times the bad effect. So Vrndavana is very heavy because we are not pure souls, we may commit some mistake, so Vrndavana is very heavy and to live in Radha Kunda, in a holy place, one has to be very pure. So it is recommended we go for a few days and then we come back. But here in Mayapur, Navadvip, we get the same benefit as Vrndavana, you get a 1000 times credit for any devotional service. In this month of Damodara, we get a 100, that means a 100,000. A 100 times 1000. So therefore many acaryas, they decided to stay in Navadvip, because they get the same benefit as Vrndavana, without the negative side. Here also in this holy place, we have Radha kunda. In Ritudvip, also here in Caitanya Matth. Tomorrow many people go and bathe in the Radha kunda. It is very important for the devotees to bathe in but you have to do it not with an ordinary bath. Just like ablution. You go in and out, with all respect. So some devotees, they think that oh, it is Radha kunda, jumping off the sides and it is not like a swimming pool. You have to be very respectful. It is the holiest of holy places. So Srila Prabhupada said, it is for the devotees to bathe in but you do so with the utmost respect.