Jayapataka Swami: Lord Caitanya wanted all his  followers to be honest, sincere because you took a vow and don’t follow?. At that time he chose Chota Haridas to give an example.  At the end Chota Haridas arrived at the lotus feet of Lord Caitanya.  It is important for us to be sincere.  If we don’t have the vocation, the  inclination to be renounce, a sanyasi Lord Caitanya encouraged to take the grihastha life.  Better be responsible as husband and wife.  There are many situations in this world when people don’t act responsibly in married life. Chota Haridas was in the order of renounce and he went to the house of a woman that was a wrong idea, an inappropriate decision for a person in the renounced order.  It is like I received a complaint that a brahmacari went to Instagram, to Facebook to ask a woman to be his friend, that is not appropriate for a brahmacari to do that. If he wants to get married that is something else, but if he is wearing the clothes of a brahmacari to ask a woman to be his friend? Ha, ha. One has to be honest what path are we going to take. We are not against the idea of taking married life to be  responsible.  Ravana took Sita that is not a great offense for a rakshasa to steal a woman, but he was wearing the clothes of a sanyasi to gain her trust that was his great offense.  Chota Haridas  repented and arrived at the lotus feet of Lord Caitanya.  Lord Gauranga said it doesn’t matter what path we follow, just do in a sincere way.  Hare Krishna.