Jayapatākā Swami: You see that is why you have to start young! The teenagers are under the influence of friends and other influences. And if we have a nice relationship with the child, there is a better chance that the child will listen to you. At the age of 8, they can take aspiring. 11 years of age they can take shelter. 12 years of age, they can take initiation. So before they are teenagers, they are already fixed up. So, how to attract teenagers, maybe we should have some brainstorming. Bhakti-mārga Swami, he engages them in dramas. So, if the parents are very sincere and good devotees, then maybe a good influence. But try to see that your child has good association. I saw in Alachua, they had 24 girls playing mṛdaṅga. In India we see men on mṛdaṅga, but in the West we see the ladies also play mṛdaṅga.
13-November-2021,Sridhama Mayapur, India