Jayapataka Swami: That is for you to decide! Ha! But you know, in marketing you have to adapt to your situation, right? So I learnt Bengali, ami Bangla bolte pari (I can speak Bengali). I lived in a village in Mayapur. Nobody spoke English, so I had to learn Bengali and then I had to learn an India language to become an Indian citizen. You had to read and write and speak and understand. So my first language after English was Bengali. Then I learnt a little Hindi. Kuch Hindi janta hoon! (I know a little Hindi). Ha! Then I was made by Srila Prabhupada, the last GBC that he made. So in 1977, I became a GBC member, Governing Body Commission. So then I had the zone of Bangladesh, West Bengal and Odisha. So I spoke, kichu kichu Odiya januchi. I could understand Odiya but I couldn’t speak much. But Odiyas can understand Bengali although they cannot speak much. Anyway, when I was first there in Calcutta, they crossed out all English signs and wrote in Bengali. So I knew Devanagari from Canada. So I saw that Bengali was ‘round’ Devanagari! Ha! Ha! So then I learnt to read, the most difficult was when they wrote English words in Bengali! Glasshouse! Then I realized it was an English word! Like that! So you see Krsna He did His lila in Vrndavana, Dwaraka and Mathura and then His Deity was established in Jagannath Puri. So Vrndanva is called the Madurya Dhama, the sweet abode and Puri is called the Aiswarya Dhama, the opulent dhama, because they have 56 chappan bhoga they are offering to the Lord all the time. He has a blessing that His hand will never dry, because He is always taking prasadam, washing His hands, then taking prasadam again! He takes bhoga and He gives us prasad! So Krsna thought I enjoyed so much in Vrndavana, but the people of Kali yuga were not experiencing this bliss. So I will come again as a devotee – He came again as Caitanya Mahaprabhu. And then He gave out love of Krsna freely! Without considering who is qualified and who is unqualified. But people do not know Lord Caitanya much. So I had the duty to make this town developed and let people know about Lord Caitanya. So that is why we are trying to build this beautiful temple in Mayapur. And one of the aspects is that it is the Temple of the Vedic Planetarium. We want to show the world that Indian scriptures are not mythology, they are SCIENCE! And it was the tactic of the British to degrade the scriptures and say that they are mythology, they are legends and so on! But they are! They are real histories and they are real descriptions of life!