Jayapataka Swami: You seem to be not initiated. Only the initiated disciples, if they don’t follow, they create some bad karma for the guru. Those who are not yet initiated, those who are under shelter or aspiring, or their siksa disciples, do not produce any bad karma for the guru. Unless the guru himself was telling you to do something which is against the scripture. But that is his mistake. So there are some things that take away karma, like observing Ekadasi, you see like sometimes one gets some bad reaction from some sinful activity. So they were advised to fully observe Ekadasi, nirjala. Staying up all night. In this way they got freed from the bad karma. Or you can offer your sampata to the guru and that can free him from some karma. One of the Ekadasis, there was a father sent to hell because of some mistake. And his son observed the Ekadasi and offered the merit for that Ekadasi to the father and the father was elevated to the spiritual world. So I also ask the disciples in addition to their four circumambulations of Tulasi, do four more and offer the merit of the additional circumambulations to me.