Jayapataka Swami: No harm. We have some pastimes like Srivas Thakur, he said ‘I am not a vaisnava, how can I be offended by anyone?’ But then, the devotees said ‘Lord Caitanya thinks you are a devotee. And therefore because that person had offended you,’ Lord Caitanya said, ‘he is going to suffer!’ Do you want anyone to suffer because of you? No, no, no. Illai illai! Then you have to forgive him. Similarly, Lord Caitanya said, ‘mother Saci had offended Advaita Gosain. Therefore, she could not get love of Krsna.’ And the devotees said, ‘how is it possible? Mother Saci carried You in her womb, she served You, how can she not get love of Krsna?’ But Lord Caitanya said, ‘I am sorry, but those who offend vaisnavas cannot get love of Krsna.’ So then mother Saci went to the house of Advaita and Advaita said ‘what are you all here for?’ They said ‘mother Saci has offended you so she cannot get love of Krsna. So you have to forgive her.’ Advaita Gosain, He started glorifying mother Saci. She is such a great devotee, and He started glorifying all of her wonderful qualities. And He became so ecstatic that He fell on the ground unconscious! So then Lord Gauranga said to mother Saci, ‘He is not going to forgive you! But since you have offended him, take the dust from His lotus feet and put it on your head. Thus you will be forgiven.’ So she did that, and after that she got pure ecstatic love of Krsna. Haribol!