Jayapataka Swami: Give me the synopsis of the question. The thing is that to worry about all these things, seems senseless. We don’t know where we will get married, we don’t know if we will have that kind of service, we may have a better service, to be preoccupied like that, maybe we get married in a nearby place. I think you are worried. We depend on Krsna that somehow Krsna will engage in His service. That way we ask people who are thinking about getting married to do that exercise of expectations with their proposed spouse. That what they expect to give, what they expect to receive. Also the husband of the spouse, he should say what he expects to receive and what he expects to receive, what the expectations are. The type of questions can be got from the Office, the JPS Office Marriage Bureau. So that way if we have some aspiration to render some service to the deity, you may have a deity in your house or it may be there in the same temple or different temple. So there are many other factors to married life, so I wouldn’t worry about it. You know Krsna may give you some better opportunity. But while you have this nice service and are attached to it, you should be thankful and make as much advancement as possible. Hare Krsna!