Jayapataka Swami: After the manifest pastime He went to Jagannath Puri and people saw Him along the path. Let us see, when Lord Caitanya left the world, what is his name, Vasudeva Ghosh, he dug a tomb and entered into it and asked his disciples to bury him alive, because he could not tolerate the separation of Lord Caitanya. Then his deity spoke to him, ‘you cannot take your life. Your life has been given to Lord Caitanya. So you cannot take it. It is not yours for you to take.’ Like that. That was the deity. Or maybe I cannot think right now but like I told the pastime.  A 65- year-old Italian mataji was crying and my mother told me and I told Srila Prabhupada and Srila Prabhupada told her, ‘yes, I appeared in your dream and I told you to come to Mayapur. Thank you for coming!’ So I am sure there are some devotees who get a dream of Lord Caitanya but I cannot think of it right now. Any of you remember? Sei Gaura Sei Krsna Sei Jagannath! Also, here in Navadvip, Lord Brahma had darshan of Lord Caitanya before His appearance and in Simantadvip, Parvati devi we have a deity of her, she saw Lord Caitanya before His appearance.