Jayapataka Swami: All the vaisnavas are dear to the Lord. So we should see all the vaisnavas in that light. Vaisnavas, vaisnavis. Even if someone is taking some guidance from different diksa guru, we should also appreciate their service to Krsna. I see all the devotees as very dear and I don’t know why your spiritual life decreased. You should increase your spiritual life. We may have one diksa guru and many siksa gurus. So whichever guru gives us his instruction, he is giving us siksa. So we should take that and try to advance in our service to Krsna. I can only think that if you offend some devotee, that will hamper your devotion to Krsna. As Krsna said, Lord Caitanya said, He gives mercy to everyone, except the offenders to vaisnavas. So please avoid any offence to vaisnavas, vaisnavis. Chant Hare Krsna and be happy!  HAPIIIIEEEE! HAPPIIIEEEE! Haribol!