Jayapataka Swami:  What service you can do? I cannot do a particular service, say they ask me to buy a plane, I cannot do it! I have no training, no experience. So, because I am not qualified for it. If you ask me to cook (audio break) maybe I can do it. Because Srila Prabhupada trained me. So If you are not able to do a particular service, I need to know what service? Maybe if it is a service like if you ask me to cook a cake, I cannot do it. I know I cannot cook the cake but Saci Mata, she can cook a cake! Many devotees can cook cakes. So I don’t know what particular service you cannot do? I don’t know if you are not qualified to do that service or I don’t think it is not that Krsna is not pleased with your services. That is not said in the sastras anywhere that if Krsna is not pleased, that you cannot do any service. Rather Krsna says, that try this service, if you attempt He will be pleased. If you try to do a service, even if you are not successful, He is pleased that you tried. You can pray to Radha Madhava, I want to be Your servant, I surrender myself unto You, but I am not qualified to do much. I went to Srila Prabhupada and said I am the most fallen, he said you are not the most anything. So he taught me to be humble. I met one devotee who was saying, I AM THE MOST HUMBLE! I AM THE MOST HUMBLE! I have never heard anyone declare that I am the most humble! So we try to please Krsna, we try to please the guru and even if we are not able to do a particular service, at least we try, and that goes to our credit. Haribol!