Jayapataka Swami: You see we are not against any devas. We consider the devas are vaisnavas or vaisnavis. So we worship Krsna, just like in Jagannath Puri all the bhoga which is offered to Jagannath is first offered to Bimala Devi and then to the public. So we do that, before I eat I offer all my food to Viswaksena, to Durga, to Siva, to Ganesh and Kartikeya as prasadam. They are all vaisnavas. Vaisnava nam yatha sambo. So I don’t have any problem to do the bhoga. If you understand the relation that Durga is the sakti of Krsna, and Lord Siva is the expansion of Krsna in the material world, so His relationship with Krsna is as a devotee. Are you satisfied? Thank you!