Jayapataka Swami: So these qualities are given in the third verse of the Siksastakam. To be more humble than a blade of grass, and we should be more tolerant than a tree, we should offer all respect to others and we should not expect any respect for ourselves. In this way you can constantly chant the holy name. Lord Caitanya said that we should wear this around our neck. And we understand that many devotees, by trying they are able to achieve this level. Someone gave me a book by Dale Carnagie, How to make friends and Influence People. That book was a best seller. That whole book, you can say that it simply embodies many practical examples of Lord Caitanya’s teachings. Offer respect to others, don’t expect respect for yourself. So try this method. Offer respect to everyone, don’t expect any respect for yourself. You will be able to make many friends and influence people. We can do anything we want! If you want to be humble, to be tolerant, to offer respect to others, then you can do it! Otherwise, you pray to the Lord, please give me the power to do it. And if you realize, Lord Caitanya said, no matter how sinful, how fallen a person is, He will deliver him. But if someone is offending other vaisnavas, I will not deliver them. So if we know this, then how can we offend anyone else? It is like committing suicide. So we want the mercy of Lord Caitanya and He will give His mercy unlimitedly, as long as we don’t offend vaisnavas. So whether it is Saci mata or Pundarik or anyone, if we criticize vaisnavas, we are punished. So we should be very careful not to do this. We should wear the third verse around our neck. Look at the good qualities of others, see all the bad qualities in ourselves. This way we can follow this system. Hare Krsna!