Jayapatākā Swami: Now there are two levels of śikṣā-gurus One level is anyone who gives you some appropriate instruction, another one is someone you see on a similar level like the dīkṣā-guru and you accept what is said by the śikṣā-guru as something you have to follow. My disciples to accept someone on the second level, need my permission. In Bangladesh people were claiming to be – I am śikṣā-guru! One lady came and said, “My husband hit me. What should I do?” That person said, “You should commit suicide.” I would never say that. So, Bangladesh they decided, no more śikṣā-gurus, they would all be counselors, unless the guru authorizes them. There were people misusing the title śikṣā-guru.
22-August-2022, ISKCON Hyderabad, India