If we are feeling inadequate due to not being able to serve you properly, what should we do? Will such feeling ever go away? And is such a feeling good for increasing our devotion to You?

The way to serve guru can be through vapu or through vani. For vapu service, one has to be in proximity of the guru. That may not be possible at all times, for all disciples. The other way to serve guru is through vani – by hearing the instructions of the guru...

Gurudeb, you set up unseen example in our parampara to preach Krishna Consciousness inspite of having Your bodily unimaginable difficulties. But, I am so unfortunate soul that I commit offences to Your divine louts feet. I could not able to maintain four regulative principles. Gurudev, my sense enjoyable desire increasing day by day. I could not give up bad habits. Again and again I cheat with you. Now how can i be purified? And how can I remove lower material desire?

Since  you are not initiated yet there is no offence. Shelter is consider a practice stage if you want to take initiation you must be more serious about it.   GM approved reply/20102020