Question: Being a householder and a single mother, it sometimes becomes difficult for me to do my duties to the Lord. Sometimes I have to feed or serve my child first in many circumstances. What should I do? Will I fall from bhakti because of all this?

Jayapataka Swami: See taking care of our children, we should take that as a service to Krsna. And we want to feed our children, Krsna prasadam. We want to treat our children so nice that they become devotees. 06-JULY-2019 KOLKATA, INDIA

Question: Nowadays Zakir Nayak is talking a lot. The Lord has no form. Natasya pratima asti and such Vedic quotes he is misquoting and he is misguiding so called illiterate or illiterate about Vedic or Sanatana dharma. He is misguiding young children of Hindus in this way and influencing them. What is the opinion of the vaisnavas in this regard?

Jayapataka Swami: Everything happens through sadhu, sastra, and guru. Those gurus who say that the Lord has no form is not correct. Bhagavatam says brahmeti paramtameti Bhagavan it sabdyata. Bhagavan paratma or brahman. Brahman is formless, Paramatma He is localized...